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Light penetrates darkness

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Global migration and continuous movement. Searching for „NEW“ belongs here. The world is in a continuous movement, in search of new principles, needs, criteria, comfort, … I remember in 8th grade Philosophy, communist Philosophy, theme was new people, eventhough like others. Utopia. Everybody is unique. Solution: coloured world Product.

Portraits and Landscapes are coloured, origin conditional like the society. The works are of vital importance expression of these philosophy of life, perception, Joy, Chance for any facet of the new creations.

Nationality is not the problem, but the individual inner light of people, own role in the society, to yourself, responsibility of our planet. „Discover the light in yourself“ that’s the message… then: „light penetrates darkness“. Pictures and landscapes worked in fluorescent colours. They glow in the dark.

These exhibition tries a role to be effective in a cross-cultural, multicultural area. The visitor receives cognition and experience with „coloured“ reality confronted with questions about herself.

Nicoleta Jutka, Exposition "Light penetrates darkness" TV Markiza Slovakia, News

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TV Markiza Slovakia News Post.

Live Performance Slowake

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Live Performance at exhibition in Slovakia.

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